About Rolo

Who is Rolo?

Rolo is my online persona. My real name is Clayton "Andrew" Predmore. I built my first computer, a Sinclair ZX81, in 1982 and I started programming in C on an Amiga around 1986. Since 1999 I have worked as a technology instructor, web developer and project manager. I graduated with honors from the eMedia program at Quinnipiac University in 2003. I am currently a Senior Backend Developer at Third & Grove.

Why Rolo D. Monkey?

Rolo was the name of a toy monkey that I had as a child. Later in high school, I wrote a text-based adventure game where Rolo had been captured by a lab and had to escape. So, when I was asked to choose a network username at UMASS in the early nineties, I choose rolo@umass.edu, and I have been using the name ever since. Rolo has also been the name on comic strips I created for the UMASS Daily Collegian and the Quinnipiac Chronicle. I also post as RoloDMonkey on many internet forums.

Rolo is actually short for Roland, and it is just a coincidence that it is spelled the same as one of my favorite candies.